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Towards a universal scripting language

Hector W. McNeill

Hambrook Publishing Company

Important new publication

We have pleasure is providing access to a new publication, "Towards more effective Project Management" by McNeill & Belko. This leading edge publication explains why conventional monitoring & evaluation methods using the Log Framework Approach result in ineffective project management and proposes an alternative approach based upon Real Time Audit and Tactical Options Maps. A Boolean Society sponsored this paper because the subsequent papers in the series will explore the ways and means of creating supportive information systems.Click here for further information

Three new publications - now one !

We have pleasure in announcing that the book series to be published as part of the series "A Boolean Society" and under the general theme: "Server-end JavaScript ... the next frontier ... towards a universal scripting language" has been substituted in the meantime by a website sponsored by the Foundation thereby providing free access to some of the material. Please see the publisher's announcement below.

Hambrook Publishing Company

Concerning the Title: Power-ECMAScripting with DScript™

The title series Power-ECMAScripting with DScript™ Volume 1 and 2 ISBNs 978-0-907833-22-2 and 978-0-907833-23-9 respectively have been published as a web site under the general title of Power-ECMAScripting. This site is sponsored by The George Boole Foundation. Free access can be obtained by clicking on the url below:

The other title previously announced as "Decision Analysis for Managers" (ISBN 978-0-907833-24-6) will also be introduced via that web site with an expected publication in last quarter 2013.


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The series

A Boolean Society is a publication series organized as a voluntary activity through which the GBF will organise, produce and disseminate briefs, notes and publications on the application of Boolean Logic, Decision Analysis Systems and other topics.

Target readership

These publications will include items suitable for executives, businessmen, strategic planners and managers in public authorities and governance. Other items will be useful for those who work with Boolean Logic in the design and implementation of circuits, devices and software (programming & scripting) and general systems engineers who are interested in systems engineering economics of complex systems. Another set of these documents will be suitable for students, including those at primary and secondary school level, teachers, college and university students and teaching staff.

Current status of the series

In September 2009, it was decided that the DAI - Decision Analysis Initiative (2010-2015), GBF's main extension activity, will support the production of documents under the banner of the series "A Boolean Society" as a means of consolidating the generation of useful documents.

Our publications list is being revised so as to create a division of work between the Foundation, that will produce occasional publications, and the DAI where publications will target areas of interest of sponsored demonstrations or requested work.

We will be posting our occasional publications list here in due course. In order to review the DAI publications list please visit the DAI website by clicking on this link.
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