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Sponsorship Information Pack

Our sponsorship information pack is set out below. A consolidated, single document is in preparation. If a potential sponsor requires additional information at this stage they can obtain an immediate response by contacting us at

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Business services

A new approach to non-profit operations. Rather thThe George Boole Foundation wishes to accumulate a fund not from charitable donations and grants but through the provision of advanced services for business that impact customer performance. The main activities activities which could benefit from sponsorship are:
  • The establishment of The George Boole Institute by 2017 or thereabouts
  • Decision Analysis Initiative (extension, training, seminars, workshops & demonstrations)
  • The production of new works on decision analysis under the publications series "A Boolean Society"
More detailed descriptions of each of these activities can be found by using the appropriate menu items above,

Why we have opted to provide busines services

Rather than ask for charitable donations or sponsorship we believe that we can provide services that benefit customers while gaining sufficient margins to reinvest in the Foundation to fund basic activities as well as to the objectives of the Foundation. We therefore seek to interact with companies and other entities on the basis of a mutually beneficial business arrangement. Mutually beneficial objectives include:
  • Providing unparalleled quality of services at extremely competitive prices for support that will improve the productivity, effectiveness and economy of customer operations.
  • Through the earning of Foundation based on delivering benefits to companies who also wish to support the objectuives o the Foundation.
The first business services to be offered by the Foundation will be a suit of online services which enable businesses to:
  • design processes and projects
  • manage the complete process or project cycle operations
  • manage a portfolio of any number of projects or processes at any stage of their development from design through to operations
are The George Boole Foundation considers sponsorship to be a relationship where the sponsors should benefit in a practical way in addition to the public relations and image building benefits, which are less easy to measure in practical terms. Amongst the most important benefits can be included the fact that sponsors can request that demonstrations under the Decision Analysis Initiative be orientated towards applications of direct interest to the sponsor. This can include the training of sponsor organization staff in appropriate methods. In addition, the publication series under the general title of "A Boolean Society", allows sponsors to request briefs, publications and reports on matters of interest to them.

Management standards of sponsored activities

In order to ensure that the act of sponsorship results in the mutual benefits outlined there is a need for those being sponsored to carry out their activities in as effective a manner as possible so that the promised outcomes of funded activities are matched or exceeded1. There is, therefore, within the terms of any sponsorship agreement, a necessity for an adherence to some important principles designed to make sponsorship well worthwhile for the sponsor and those sponsored. In order to achieve a high degree of mutual satisfaction as a result of a sponsorship agreement it is necessary to predefine how money will be spent and for both sponsor and those sponsored to have in place an agreed and common mechanism for transparent management and a proactive process of ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

The Foundation makes use of two instruments to manage sponsorship agreements. These are a Funding Agreement linked to a Real Time Audit system

Funding Agreement

A Funding Agreement is essentially the legal agreement quantifying the amount of funding and how it is to be used. It contains the time line of activities as well as milestones when specific activity outputs are expected. The nature of the George Boole Foundation activities, especially online demonstrations and publications, make it possible for the Funding Agreement to include the design and implementation of demonstrations and the development of documentation of direct interest to the sponsor's own class of activities. In this way the sponsor will see early results from the exercise in a practical fashion and in a way which could help enhance the performance of the sponsor's own sector. If you would like to receive further information on the structure and content of Funding Agreements please contact our Secretariat so that we can send you a Sponsorship Information Pack.

RTA Real Time Audit system

The Real Time Audit (RTA) system (see is an online activity management system which combines an activity management system with a monitoring and evaluation system. RTA helps keep funded activities within the envelope of pre-agreed activity performance criteria. Sponsorship funds are only used when specified qualitative and quantitative objectives have been met. Sponsors, or their agents, can use RTA to access activity lines to "look over the shoulders" of the activity managers and view the current status of sponsored activities. In this way it is possible to assess deliverables and the degree to which objectives have been satisfied and the specific amounts drawn down from the sponsorship funds against satisfactory output. This for of inspection is completely non-intrusive and transparent and does not have to take up the time of activity managers. In the case of higher funding thresholds, the activation of payment from sponsor's funds can be undertaken by the sponsor, or their agent, making use of the online RTA system. If you would like to receive further information on the Real Time Audit system please contact our Secretariat so that we can send you a Sponsorship Information Pack.

1 One of the common disappointments with sponsorships is for activity objectives to be insufficiently specified and for there to be no ongoing (real time) monitoring and evaluation to prevent wasted resources. As a result, by the time an evaluation of a sponsorship outcome is undertaken funds have been committed and there are no convenient means of recovering funds which may have been considered to have been spent inappropriately. The administrative and procedural overheads associated with recovering inappropriately spent funds can be considerable and involve a substantial amount of time. Such events can reflect badly on both the sponsor as well as those sponsored.